The Nucleus General (gross) account


Allowing investments to go without tax deducted at source

Please note that this account is now closed to new business.

The General (gross) account allows individuals, corporate entities or charities eligible to receive interest and income received from assets held within the account to be paid without having tax deducted at source (gross).

The Nucleus General (Gross) account – at a glance

Payments can be made flexibly through single or regular payments.

Regular payments can be increased, reduced, started or stopped at any time.

We accept re-registrations and transfers from existing plans without charge.

There’s no limit to how much may be invested or withdrawn. Withdrawals can be one off, regular or taken as natural income.

Ideal for external self invested personal pension schemes or offshore bonds to invest in.

An existing Nucleus General account can be converted into a Nucleus General (Gross) account if the client is eligible.