The Nucleus Offshore Bond

    For a truly diversified investment portfolio

    The Nucleus Offshore Bond is a tax-efficient savings vehicle provided by RL360°, which is based in the Isle of Man. Capital gains tax or income tax isn’t paid on investments held in the Isle of Man on behalf of investors, so any investment gains are allowed to roll-up free of these taxes. The bond can be used for a variety of purposes including retirement and estate planning.

    The Nucleus Offshore Bond account – at a glance

    There’s an initial charge of £100 and an additional annual charge of 0.15%.

    There’s a minimum initial investment of £50,000.

    Additional payments must start at £5,000.

    Clients can choose from over 2,500 assets from 180 fund managers.
    You can assign the whole bond or a number of segments.
    The account can be used with trusts from the Nucleus trust suite or an existing trust deed.