Over 10 years ago we embarked on our mission to challenge the established financial services industry. With technology and transparency at the heart of our thinking, we’ve been fortunate enough to become a successful and profitable player in what we now call ‘fintech’.

    In April of this year, the government set out its intention to ensure regional growth of fintech in the UK. Following discussions with fintech companies and regional stakeholders the Treasury decided to appoint regional fintech envoys to support growth in regions with fintech potential and existing hubs.

    I’m pleased to havebeen asked by the Treasury to be one of the fintech envoys for Scotland. The objective of this position is to help boost the growth of fintech, to raise its profile and ensure the UK remains competitive in the market.

    One of the hardest things to get right over the last ten years with Nucleus has been balancing the responsibilities of looking after other people’s money with the agility of the tech sector while also making money and with this appointment I’m excited to see how we can help others strike the right balance over the coming years.

    I think this is a great opportunity for us to use the experience we’ve gained over the last ten years to help others innovate and thrive and ultimately drive forward the industry for the benefit of all clients.

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