Hello and welcome to our new website. If I recall correctly this is the fourth major relaunch since we started our journey ten years ago and I hope you'll agree it's the best yet. Whether you are looking for more information on our business, our product or our amazing people you should be able to find it without any hassle. As ever we'd love your feedback - please mail me at david.ferguson@nucleusfinancial.com if there's anything missing or tricky to find and we'll do our best to put it right.

    More broadly, this upgrade comes at a time when technology is becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives and particularly of our market. We see an emerging market where technology allows financial advisers to focus more on more on the human parts of their job, secure in the knowledge that all the operational elements are running smoothly on world-class technology.

    Ten years into our business we're pleased to have just about earned our place in the present and we now plan to pick up the pace and deliver much more that can help drive better client engagement and better client outcomes.

    Over the last two years we've made major changes to our core technology, our key supplier relationships and to the team that runs the business. Together with our improving financial strength we're in the fortunate position that we can continue to invest more than ever each year to develop the business while also growing profitability and our enterprise value.

    We’re also proud to have recently celebrated our 10th birthday and as a fitting milestone hit £10 billion in assets under administration. Thank you to everyone who has helped make it all possible and also to Alan, Faith, James and Jun for the brilliant work on this new website!


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