Well, Friday was a long day - kicked off with what felt like an endless series of phone calls before meeting up with two of our founding groups of IFAs in Manchester.

    We have some very detailed scoping sessions coming up next week with our software and administration partners and was keen to ensure that all of the IFAs and the management shared the same expectation of our phase 1 deliverable. With just two of the IFAs to meet up with now I relaxed that we are all on the same page. It's been a long journey getting this far and I'm rather relieved that we have all managed to retain a focus on the same end game.

    Took train home to Edinburgh yesterday afternoon and spent a rather noisy trip in the Quiet Zone in the company of a couple of groups heading for hen nights in my hometown! I think for them the weekend had already started!! On a world cup note, it was disappointing to see Argentina crash out after lighting up the tournament so spectacularly early on - if only they'd qualified it could now have been Scotland's tournament!

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