Nucleus annual conference 2017

Our annual conference is no ordinary event. Yes, you’ll get to hear an update on Nucleus’s performance and plans for the current year and give your feedback on current developments. But you’ll also get to hear an amazing group of inspirational speakers – all of them challenging traditions in business and offering fresh ideas. You’ll leave feeling thoroughly inspired and ready to tackle your own business issues in creative new ways.

The 2017 event, our tenth annual conference, is taking place on 2 March at The Belfry, Birmingham…

2017/03/02 09:30:00

What can you expect?

Take a sneak peek

Get a first look at new platform developments, get an update on Nucleus’s performance and our plans for the current year. Give us your feedback so we can understand where we’re on track and where we could do more to help you achieve fantastic results for your clients.

Hear from experts

Our stellar line up of speakers will cover topics and themes directly relevant to you and your business. Previous speakers include Carl Richards of the Behavior Gap, Richard Sheridan of Menlo Innovations and Tony Wickenden of Technical Connection.

Hang out

Rub shoulders with Nucleus users from around the UK. Join one of the additional meetings that take place at the conference venue the day before the main event.

Be inspired

Discover something new and practical that you can implement straightaway. Leave feeling thoroughly inspired, ready to start rethinking the status quo and all set to make your ideas actually happen.

The 2017 speaker lineup

Darren Shirlaw – Shirlaws

Accelerate your business growth

Darren Shirlaw began his career in the fund management industry. In 1999 he launched Shirlaws, one of the fastest growing international business coaching organisations. Shirlaws business coaches work alongside clients to guide their businesses towards achieving long-term sustainable business growth. Shirlaws operates in 11 counties around the world.

Darren is a central figure in creating Shirlaws’ intellectual property, a portfolio of frameworks addressing the number one business issue – how to increase profitability while managing growth. Darren still devotes much of his personal energy to developing the unique Shirlaws’ business model and the company’s strategic direction.

Darren’s session will be filled with practical examples of how to increase the profitability and the growth of your business.

Stephanie Flanders – J.P. Morgan

The economic view for the year ahead

Stephanie Flanders is the Chief Market Strategist for the UK and Europe for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. She was previously the Economics Editor at the BBC, where she was widely respected and broadcast around the world.

Prior to joining the BBC in 2002, she worked as a reporter at the New York Times, and a speechwriter and senior advisor to US Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers in the second Clinton Administration. She has also been a Financial Times leader-writer and columnist. She was a scholar at Balliol College, University of Oxford, where she obtained a first class degree.

Stephanie will explore the key trends and themes that have been shaping global markets, and outline the conversations you need to be having with your clients in the months ahead.

John Sileo – The Sileo Group

The Cyber Blacklist

Hack-proofing Your Financial Practice (& Clients)

John is a cyber security and identity theft author and expert who shares hard-earned lessons to help organisations protect the data that drives their profits.

His expertise has given him the good fortune 
to appear in front of audiences including the
Department of Defense, 60 Minutes and the
 Rachael Ray Show.

John is CEO of The Sileo Group, and excels at presenting technical topics in non- technical, entertaining ways. John graduated from Harvard University and spends his free time enjoying his amazing wife and highly spirited daughters.

John’s keynote talk will focus on the human element of cyber security and how to fight against fraud, with a highly interactive and engaging presentation to help you understand the importance of safe data.

Greg Davies – Centapse

Making better financial decisions

Over almost a decade as head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays, Greg built and led the world’s first applied behavioural finance team. In April 2016 he founded ‘Centapse’, a firm dedicated to applying sophisticated behavioural insight across industry.

Greg is an Associate Fellow at Oxford’s Saïd Business School and lecturer at Imperial College London. His first book, Behavioral Investment Management, was published in 2012. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Cape Town, an MPhil in Economics, and a PhD in Behavioural Decision Theory, both from Cambridge University.

In earlier days Greg sang with the World Youth Choir and BBC Symphony Chorus, and is a trustee of Sound and Music, the UK’s national charity for new music.

Greg will discuss the process of making better decisions, with the use of examples and visual illusions to outline two systems of reasoning. Think of good decision-making as moving towards a better trade-off between optimal and comfortable.

Rory Percival – Rory Percival Training and Consultancy Ltd

Providing suitable advice

Rory Percival was ‘the face of the FCA’ to advisory firms for many years.  He worked at the regulator for 10 years and was involved with many high profile projects, as well as speaking regularly at conferences.  Prior to joining the regulator Rory worked in the advisory sector for 20 years, mainly in compliance and training roles and has Chartered Financial Planner status. In November 2016 he launched his own firm, “Rory Percival Training and Consultancy Ltd’ to help support professionalism in the advisory sector.

Rory’s session will focus on the key considerations and factors to be considered to ensure the advice you provide is suitable.

Gemma Godfrey –

How fintech is changing the consumer experience

Gemma Godfrey is the UK’s most influential FinTech entrepreneur, as the Founder and CEO of online personal finance firm Advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger on The New Celebrity Apprentice, Gemma is a consumer champion on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast and Sky News. She was named one of the “Most Powerful Women in London” by CityAM. The former quantum physicist previously headed Investment Strategy for a publicly-listed wealth manager with $10 billion of assets. is ranked a “top 10 FinTech company to watch” and featured by The Times as a “route to the best financial advice”.

Gemma was the Head of Investment Strategy at Brooks Macdonald, Chairman of the Investment Committee at Credo Capital and a Fund Manager at GAM, after starting her career at Goldman Sachs. She is a Board Advisor to Templars and CLU School of Management.

Gemma will discuss how fintech is changing the consumer experience and why advisers should care.