User sessions


Where Nucleus users take the mic

Nucleus user sessions are for people who use the platform on a day-to-day basis. This is their chance to give us feedback, test new enhancements before they go live and pick up tips on using the platform. These meet-ups also give people a chance to meet other users and members of their client relations team.

Why should I go?

Rub shoulders

Meet other users of the platform from your region and exchange hints, tips and best practice.

Find out the latest

Hear about current developments from Nucleus HQ, give us feedback and get involved in testing.

Who attends?

Anyone using the platform on a day-to-day basis from administrators to paraplanners to office managers.

How often do they meet?

User sessions take place twice a year in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds, Birmingham, London and Southampton.

How many are in each group?

Numbers vary from large groups of up to 60 in the south to smaller groups of around 20 in the north.

What happens afterwards?

After the session you’re invited to join us for a drink. We’ll also send you a survey so we can capture your feedback.

Sarah Rodrigues

“The user sessions are a great opportunity to provide feedback, together with learning about new developments for the future. We also have the ability to interact with other users and at times can offer guidance to the less experienced users of the platform.”

Sarah Rodrigues, operations manager, The Fry Group

Key dates for 2018


  • 17 – Glasgow
  • 18 – Leeds
  • 19 – Birmingham
  • 24 – Southampton
  • 25 – London


  • 1 – Aberdeen
  • 3 – Exeter
  • 3 – Belfast


  • 6 – Birmingham
  • 7 – Manchester
  • 8 – Glasgow
  • 13 – London
  • 14 – Southampton

To find out more and register your interest please contact our events team.