Platform release 19

    This platform release delivered a package of changes as part of our ongoing agile technology programme. Focused on continuously evolving, iterating and improving the platform, based on input and feedback from our users.

    Platform release 19

    What's new?

    In this release we're delivering three brand new features to the platform, phased investing, a new ad-hoc fee process and automated account closure. Find out more about these new features below.  

    Automated phased investing

    This is a brand-new feature where you can set up a series of regular asset purchases on a client account.

    How it works:

    • You set the value, frequency and assets to be bought
    • The transactions happen automatically on the specified date
    • We use holdings in the cash deposit asset to fund the purchases
    • The transactions continue until cancelled or there's not enough cash left in the cash deposit asset
    • Phased investments to a model portfolio will follow any updates e.g. rebalance.

    £7,000 lump sum to be invested over seven months

    £7,000 lump sum to be invested over seven months

    Paperless ad-hoc fees

    This new feature allows you to key ad-hoc fees onto the platform, following a one-time permission from your client. Clients can use Nucleus Go for a fast, easy and paperless transaction.

    How it works:

    • One-time permission given by the client either through Nucleus Go or paper form
    • User keys ad-hoc fee onto the platform
    • The transaction is created instantly and paid either straight from the cash balance or disinvestments are placed and the cash is paid once these are complete
    • Nucleus will send the client a confirmation letter confirming the fee amount.

    You agree with your client a lump sum of £20,000 should be made to their Isa account and an ad-hoc fee paid. Previously your client would have completed a form and returned this to you, for it to be sent onto Nucleus to action. This process would take a number of days and would have to take place for each ad-hoc fee transaction.

    You agree with your client a lump sum of £20,000 should be made to their Isa account and an ad-hoc fee paid. Using Nucleus Go, your client can login and instantly authorise you to key ad-hoc fees onto their accounts.  You can now login to the platform and key your fee onto the account.  If cash is available, it takes this immediately and pays out in the next fee run.  If there’s not enough cash, disinvestments are placed to cover it.  The authorisation will cover all future ad-hoc fee payments unless your client cancels it online.

    Clients can still complete a one-off paper form to cover all future ad-hoc fees and you can set the fee after we receive it.

    Automated account closure

    Users with trading access can use this brand-new feature to close accounts efficiently.

    How it works:

    • It's available for individual clients and General, Gross General, Isa and Pep accounts

    • Direct debits and withdrawals are automatically cancelled

    • Models/ DFMs are removed

    • Any adviser, DFM or Nucleus fees are calculated and collected

    • You can select whether to pay funds into the client’s bank account or to another account, of the same type, in the client’s name via inter-account transfer

    • If withdrawal to a bank account is selected, any remaining assets are sold down and cash paid once trades complete

    • For withdrawal closures, we’ll issue a client confirmation letter.

    Here are some handy tips for using the new account closure feature:

    • The closure process will be delayed if there are pending transactions on an account – these must complete first.
    • Make sure there are no in-flight transactions e.g. withdrawals or direct debits and no transactions due to happen in the next few days.
    • Check the account does not hold any flagged assets - things like suspensions and minimum redemption rules can cause delays too.
    • Ensure that no assets on the account have their 'Exclude from rebalancing' flag selected, as this will hold up the request.

    Small web changes

    You might notice some things look a bit different. We want the platform to be as easy to use as possible (and of course we want to look our best) so we've made some web changes based on user feedback. These will improve both the user experience and accessibility of the platform.

    Title field updates

    Users can now update and change a client's title and we've reordered the dropdown list for ease.

    Pre-populated 'N'

    The account number search field within the client tab will be pre-populated with an 'N'. Don't worry if you usually cut and paste as this can be over-written.

    Crystallise menu options

    We've updated the 'Crystallise' menu option for Appropriate Personal Pension (APP) accounts. It will now only appear for clients who hold an existing Unsecured APP and have the option to top up their Unsecured APP.

    Hide closed accounts

    You've told us this is something we need to change so we have. Closed accounts will now be hidden on a client's wrap summary screen. You can easily restore them by clicking the 'show closed accounts' button.

    What's changing?

    We've made significant changes to the following tools and processes on the platform based on your feedback. These changes will allow you to see significant improvements in performance and will make the platform more efficient and effective for our users.

    Bulk model portfolio reassign and rebalance

    This is the second phase of development to our bulk trading tools. We've focused on improving the performance, scalability and user interface.

    It's now much easier to:

    • Run large queries in minutes
    • Search and sort accounts
    • Select which accounts you want to include, with the option to include or exclude specific accounts

    We've also added clearer warnings and messaging, plus we've retained all the features of the current tool.

    The improved rebalancing tool works efficiently in any scenario, whether it's rebalancing ten accounts or 1000, the performance is the same.

    Enhanced phased drawdown

    We've improved our phased drawdown facility by fixing two issues. This is the first in a series of enhancements so look out for more in future releases.

    What's changed?

    • Maximum income validation has been updated so users can instruct any income amount up to the maximum income amount with each crystallisation.
    • We've removed the 'disinvesting' status and now have three stages in the process:
      • Processing
      • Completed
      • Cancelled

    You can find this under the 'phased drawdown' section of the 'client wrap summary'.

    Suspend direct debits

    Users can now suspend direct debits on a client’s account, without having to contact us.

    How it works:

    • The maintenance screen on the platform has been updated to give you the option to suspend a direct debit
    • The option is only available on individual accounts, not for employer direct debits
    • We'll collect any direct debit transactions that are already underway
    • You can contact us to re-instate the direct debit
    • If the direct debit is suspended for over 13 months then it will be cancelled and a new mandate required.

    Small web changes

    You might notice some things look a bit different. We want the platform to be as easy to use as possible (and of course we want to look our best) so we've made some web changes based on user feedback. These will improve both the user experience and accessibility of the platform.

    Login invitation email

    We’ve updated the web login invitation email that we send to new advisers and DFMs so that it displays the 30-character username rather than the email address.

    Client search

    We’ve got a new tool-tip above the client search fields to explain how to get better results from the wildcard search.

    Colour change

    We‘ve updated our tool-tip icons from orange to grey. As much as we love orange, we know that grey is better for accessibility.

    More colour changes

    You probably won’t notice, but we’ve updated some of our colours across the platform. It keeps our brand people happy.

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