Trust suite

    Designed by advisers, provided by Technical Connection

    We used feedback gathered from our platform development group to develop a bespoke trust suite with trusts and taxation specialist Technical Connection. The trust suite is designed to help you offer a fantastic proposition to your clients: it’s independent of the platform, is approved by counsel and fully supported by technical experts.

    The trust suite – at a glance


    The trust deeds are designed to be used across a wide range of wrappers. For example, the bare gift trust can be used with the General, Onshore and Offshore Bond accounts.

    Approved by counsel

    The trust styles are suitable for use under either Scots or English law, and are drafted by counsel appropriately qualified and skilled in trust law.

    Selector tools

    The detailed decision tree helps you identify the right trust deed for your client. The fund selector tool filters our assets to offer the right ones for the trust you’re setting up.

    Free access to Techlink

    Nucleus users have free access to Technical Connection’s tax and trust experts through their online knowledge management platform and helpdesk.

    Trust guides

    We offer step-by-step user guides to help you set each trust up. Detailed client guides will help you explain the benefits of each one.

    Fully independent

    The Nucleus trust suite is fully independent – your client doesn’t have to be tied to Nucleus to use it.

    Find out more

    We provide this as part of a multi award-winning platform supported by market-leading service. For more information, please get in touch.