2018 was a big year for us. We completed two major change projects – listing on the Alternative Investment Market and agreeing a direct relationship with Bravura, who power our platform technology.  

Nucleus has been proud to be an active member of FinTech Scotland ever since our chief executive David Ferguson was first appointed to the role of fintech envoy back in December 2016.

We’re now excited to announce that David has been appointed as the first chairman of the FinTech Scotland board.

David says: “It’s a great privilege to have been appointed as chairman.

Ok, so here’s a funny thing…

It turns out we’ve been a bit slow in getting around to dealing with the whole diversity/ inclusion thing. There may be many reasons for that - some better than others. But that doesn’t make it alright. And actually, it’s not that funny.

The FCA published its interim findings on competition in the asset management sector this morning. The first response I saw was ‘at last’. Whether or not it could have arrived sooner, the report includes some pretty incisive and stark observations. Upon first impression, it certainly doesn’t look like too little, too late.