Introducing IMX, a discretionary managed portfolio service from Nucleus

IMX is a range of 23 portfolios engineered to align your clients' goals with their investments. Twelve of the portfolios are designed for clients focused on investment growth and 11 are for clients focused on taking a regular income.

We believe IMX introduces a positive change in the way financial planning and investment management can come together to drive value for money and improve efficiencies in your business.

Outcome-led approach

IMX provides a set of portfolios for retail clients that are appropriate for a wide range of client goals. Our integrated tool calculates thousands of scenarios to test the suitability of the portfolio against your client's goals.

Driving value for money

Our portfolios access returns as efficiently as possible and are based on analytical evidence of where we can achieve long-term returns or outperformance.

Integrated technology

Our fully integrated and easy to use IMX portfolio modeller allows you to align portfolio choice directly to your clients' financial goals.

Our IMX range of portfolios

We have two sets of portfolios; IMX grow for client goals focused on investment growth, and IMX spend for client goals focused on taking a regular income.

Morgan Williams case study

Morgan Williams & Co. started to use IMX in late 2020 as part of their client proposition. James Evans, a chartered financial planner, discusses how they’ve incorporated IMX into their day to day processes to better align their clients' investments with their objectives. James also gives an example of IMX in practise.

The IMX process

Client goals are at the forefront of our design process and our innovative and easy to use IMX portfolio modeller will help you identify the portfolio most suited to your client's needs.

Delivering better value

One thing we want to make sure of is for IMX to deliver value for money. Fees impact returns and need to be managed effectively. By partnering with Hymans, we can ensure the portfolios deliver better value by accessing market returns more efficiently.

Source: average MPS charges are based on the average charges of MPS providers on the Nucleus platform (equally weighted by provider)
IMX portfolio charges are the average charges across IMX portfolios (equally weighted by portfolio) as at September 2022

Sustainable investing, it's in our DNA

Sustainable investing is all about understanding the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact of an investment, as well as the potential for financial return and it's core to our overall investment approach for IMX.

The IMX team

We've created a dedicated IMX team of investment specialists to deliver and manage the proposition.

IMX has also been engineered in collaboration with Hymans Robertson, a leading independent investment services provider. Their expertise has allowed us to adopt proven methods to create outcome-led, low cost portfolios.

Document library

All the IMX documents in one place including our latest guide for your clients.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up, and may be less than the amount(s) paid in. 

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