Tax year end support 2023

It's that time of the year again! But don't worry - everything you need to make tax year end run smoothly is right here.

Welcome to our tax year end hub

Here, you’ll find everything you need for tax year end on 5 April 2023 to make things as straightforward as possible at this busy time.

Our key dates and deadlines page includes all the important information you need for submitting business to us in time. Our platform support page has a range of useful resources including step-by-step guides, declaration forms, factsheets and some common problems we see at this time of year. And for help with tax efficient planning, including making the most of tax allowances and exemptions, visit our technical support page.

How can we help at tax year end?

Sending payments to Nucleus, a guide for clients

If money is sent too early or without being correctly referenced, there could be a delay in applying funds to your client's Nucleus account. Or we may have to return your client's funds.

This guide gives them everything they need to know about how to send money to us so it gets to the right place at the right time.

Reduced paperwork and fewer requests for client signatures

At this busy time, we know things need to be straightforward. That’s why we’ve reduced paperwork and the need for as many client signatures:

  • You can process ad-hoc client fees yourself without the need for a client signature. Your client will be sent a confirmation of the payment.
  • Your clients no longer need to sign an additional declaration if there’s been a break in Isa subscriptions between tax years. You can do this on their behalf.
  • You can also sign crystallisation forms on behalf of your clients ensuring they can access their pension benefits sooner.
  • Phased and ad-hoc income instructions can be requested on one account, so no need for a separate drawdown account.
  • You can sign inter account transfer - client authority forms on your client's behalf for example if they were gifting funds from their General accounts to someone else's Isa.

Flexi Isa

Last year, all our Isas became flexible. This means your clients can withdraw and replace funds in the same tax year, without affecting subscriptions. This flexibility applies to new and existing accounts.

The ‘Isa/Jisa contributions’ report from the platform reports tab will tell you how much your client can pay back into their Isa this tax year. This means your clients can enjoy more freedom with their tax-free savings and you can easily keep track of what allowance they have left.

Nucleus Go

Nucleus Go gives your clients at-a-glance access to their investment portfolios online. Your clients can easily:

  • View a summary of transactions made in and out of their accounts
  • Track the performance of individual accounts and overall portfolio over different time periods
  • View and download Nucleus documentation themselves
  • Update correspondence preferences
  • Authorise ad-hoc fee payments
  • View product specific information such as Isa/Jisa and Pension contribution allowance and replaceable Isa allowance available
  • Access their accounts quickly anywhere, any time via our Nucleus Go iOS app

Go allows your clients to self-serve leading to more meaningful and focused conversations in your client reviews.

Key dates and deadlines

Our handy timeline will ensure you don't miss any of the key dates this tax year.

Platform support

From step-by-step guides to the declaration forms and commons problems we see at this time of year, this page will give you all the help you need.

Technical support

This is where you'll find how to make the most of the opportunities for tax-efficient planning.