The Nucleus Isa account

    A key part of your client’s financial holdings

    The Nucleus Isa account is a tax-efficient stocks and shares investment account. Subject to limits set by the government, the Isa allows your clients to invest without paying UK tax on income received from dividends or on any capital gains they might earn.

    The Nucleus Isa account – at a glance

    Payments can be made flexibly through single or regular payments.
    Regular payments can be increased, reduced, started or stopped at any time.
    We accept re-registrations and transfers from existing plans without charge.
    Your clients can choose from over 6,5000 assets.
    Withdrawals can be one off, regular or taken as natural income.
    You can set up a Bed and Isa so that money can be transferred easily from your client’s general account.

    The tax treatment and tax benefits of your Nucleus Isa account outlined above are based on our understanding of current tax law