Our platform

How we've been developing the platform

We're constantly looking for ways to help you improve efficiencies in your business and let you provide your clients with an excellent wrap proposition. That’s why we rely on your feedback and insight to help shape our platform developments.

Supported by our ongoing investment in leading-edge technology this means we can flex the proposition and scale our business to make sure we can grow and support your business for the long-term so you can be confident your clients’ needs will be met now, and in years to come.


Working with us means you can take advantage of our flexible and secure electronic signatures service for new business and client instructions, saving you time.  

Client protection is the top priority when choosing the right e-signature software provider, and our flexible approach means you can choose from a list of Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eiDAS) approved providers, including DocuSign and Adobe.

Enhanced research tab

Using our research tab, you can search for assets by asset name, CitiCode or Isin, making it easier to find what you're looking for. The research tool also makes it easier to source Kiid documents and fund manager’s own factsheets in addition to those specific to the Nucleus platform.

Digital fund factsheets

Nucleus-specific factsheets are in a fully digital format instead of PDF, with interactive features including performance graphs and pie charts. They're styled to be in a clearer format and can be printed or downloaded directly from your browser.

Automated phased investing

You can set up a series of automatic regular buys into assets or model portfolios on a client account. It’s easy to set up and will save you time as it’s fully automated meaning there’s no manual intervention needed.

Better bulk switching

Listening to user feedback, we’ve made a range of enhancements to the bulk switch tool. The improved tool means faster performance on switches, buys and sells in bulk. Thousands of transactions can be processed in minutes.

The user interface has enhanced sorting and filtered features, making it easier for you to select which clients and accounts should be included in the trade.

Improved trading

Our trade-on-trade functionality helps you save time by streamlining the
trading process.

It allows you to keep trading in assets while existing trades are pending,
helping you manage client transactions much more efficiently.