The Nucleus Pension account


A flexible, cost-effective self-invested personal pension

The Nucleus Pension account is a self-invested personal pension (Sipp) with accumulation and decumulation options, which means you can easily adapt it to your client’s lifestage. We offer flexi-access drawdown – you can easily convert clients who are already in capped drawdown to flexi-access by clicking a button on their account. We also offer pension-specific tools on the platform.

The Nucleus Pension account – at a glance

Payments can be made flexibly through single or regular payments.

Regular payments can be increased, reduced, started or stopped at any time.

We accept re-registrations and transfers from existing plans without charge.

We offer pre-funded basic rate tax relief on all pension contributions.

There are no charges for any types of drawdown.

Clients can take income monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, annually, or as a one-off lump sum.