Being in Edinburgh for the day made today feel a bit like the real day one of Nucleus. Spent the morning catching up with Zoe Freeman (our programme manager) prior to her trip to Madrid to meet with AllFunds later in the week.

    After checking all was looking good for entry to our office next Monday it was back to my flat for a meeting with our designer, Brian Copeland. Discussed some of the IFA branding ideas and now have to source some Illustrator EPS files from the founding group of IFA - I can't help think they'll be in the dark on that one but they won't be alone!

    With any luck this time next week we'll be in the office (in Edinburgh's Albany Street) and we'll have our corporate stationery on the way. The afternoon was spent form filling and making an outline offer to our office manager - fingers crossed she'll be up for a new challenge in what I hope will be an exciting environment.

    Tomorrow sees an early trip to London - really must get off and iron a shirt!

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