Real humans of Nucleus

    Meet Nicky Young

    Find out what some of our colleagues think about working at Nucleus and being part of an inclusive and dynamic culture. Introducing Nicky Young...

    Tell us about your role

    I’m a senior compliance partner in the compliance team. I provide compliance support to key projects, making sure people understand the regulatory framework the project needs to work within.

    I gaze at the horizon – not the relaxing, blue sky horizon from a sunny beach, but the regulatory horizon (much less sexy!) to see what’s coming from the regulators and provide oversight of regulatory developments and change. This is important so Nucleus knows what changes could impact how it does business and how advisers do business. It’s all about protecting clients and helping deliver good stuff for customers.

    What do you enjoy most about what you do?

    I’m passionate about breaking down any negative image that the word “compliance” conjures up. I resist herd mentality – I’m not a sheep! I want people to feel they can come and get pragmatic guidance and support from me.  We have to work within boundaries – but those boundaries don’t have to be dull and grey. They can be creative and colourful and provide a positive experience. I’m here to help you know where the  boundaries are and help deliver something amazing.

    Could you tell us something about yourself that your CV won't cover?

    I’m an eclectic mix of compliance guru, mad biker chick, crazy cat lady, exercise freak and Tunnocks teacake addict. I’m also a Marie Curie befriender, providing companionship to terminally ill people. I care about people and recognise that behind every smile, there’s usually a lot more going on in people’s lives that they let on and they might need a little support or a friendly ear every now and then.

    This is the second time you have joined Nucleus as one of our 'boomerangs'. What made you re-join?

    There’s something about the culture that’s delightfully quirky, welcoming and allows you to be yourself and blossom. My previous job was facing significant restructuring and potential redundancy, so I wanted to come back to Nucleus to experience all that positivity again. I’ve reconnected with many wonderful colleagues that I worked with before and am getting to work with many more amazing, happy people which is invigorating. And I love being a boomerang!

    What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining Nucleus?

    Think about the person you are and the person you want to be. Do you want to follow the herd or maybe dare to be something slightly different, someone who doesn’t necessarily conform to the normal image of someone who works in financial services. If you really care about making a difference, Nucleus is the place for you.