Compliance, cocktails and couplets: the Verve’s year in review

Posted 20 December 2023 by Cathi Harrison

It’s the last full week before Christmas 

and what a year it has been. 

For some of us good, for some of us tough, 

For others somewhere in between.

It’s inevitably the time for a lot of reflection 

On whether our sanity was spared, 

Let’s review the industry overall 

Before looking at how Verve has fared. 

We’ve had Consumer Duty and SDR

Plus capital deduction; regulation galore, 

To the point, the compliance peeps started to yell

“Please FCA, no more”.

With inflation and interest rates high 

Platform flows have been really low, 

Consumers without financial advice 

Have really struggled with which way to go. 

Everyone’s focused on tech and the emergence of AI 

To bring finance up to date, 

Index funds and MPS's

Are enjoying a boom of late. 

And against this background, we’ve worked hard 

To restructure from four firms to one, 

It hasn’t been easy, challenges along the way

But now the hard work is done.

A business dashboard, to access our support 

You might now know as Dex, 

And with a training library added in (today!) 

Go see your new favourite tech(s). 

With blood, sweat and tears behind us 

And our 2024 foundations now laid, 

We spent our Christmas party having loads of fun 

And learning how cocktails are made.

We want to thank everyone for their love and support 

We think finance is pretty special, 

And we can’t wait to work with more of you next year 

To take it to a whole new level.

The rhymes are starting to get weaker 

Which means it’s time for me to say, 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone 

Don’t forget to have a glass of Möet. 

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Cathi Harrison

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Cathi Harrison