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2023 - 2024 Consolidated tax voucher (CTV) offshore reporting

The UK offshore funds tax reporting rules apply to investment funds located outside of the UK. A list of funds that come within the definition of an offshore fund and that have successfully applied to HMRC for reporting fund status is now available.

If you hold investments in offshore funds that have reporting fund status, you're taxable on the actual distributions included within the foreign income section of your CTV. You're also taxable on ‘excess reportable income’, which is income accumulating in offshore funds that you haven’t yet received. Although it's not actually been distributed to you, it's deemed to have been distributed to you for UK income tax purposes and should therefore also be reported on your tax return.
Nucleus has collated this data where it is readily available and provided a summary of income based on holdings in your 2023/2024 CTV. The fund managers we've obtained data for are listed below. The full report is available from each fund manager and should be referred to when completing your tax return. The Nucleus consolidated tax voucher is not a replacement for the full report in relation to excess reportable income.