Protecting any cash you have on our platform

We hold your cash with a panel of banks to reduce the risk to you. And we only partner with banks who have the appropriate authorisations from the UK regulators and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). So in the unlikely event that a bank fails, this diversification reduces any potential impact by spreading the risk across the banks used.

Diversification also reduces the risk that cash may not be available should any of the banks have system issues. Under FSCS rules, you could be entitled to compensation of up to £85,000 per banking licence, so by spreading your money across many different banks, you could be covered for a higher sum than if we held all your cash with a single bank.

This depends on how much cash you hold and how much of it is with each bank, and includes anything you hold directly with them, as the limits are applied per person. Also, we don’t spread platform cash equally across the banks we use and the amounts change regularly. For further details of your protection under their scheme, please go to

For more information on how we protect your investments, please see our Investor protection guide.

We're also committed to your financial security - keeping financial information and personal details safe - find out more here.