Gender pay gap report 2022

What is the gender pay gap?

The gender pay gap is a calculation of the difference between women and men’s average pay and bonus across all roles within the business.

Our gender pay gap is driven by the fact that for the time period of the report, most of our more senior roles are filled by men whilst outside our senior roles we have a 49% female / 51% male split.

To close the gap, we want to have a gender balanced population at senior levels of the organisation.

This report provides our statutory data, which we’re required by law to report to the government each year, along with a clear explanation of the figures and what we’re doing about them.

Closing the gap

Here’s some of the activity and commitments we’ve put in place over the last year to support greater gender diversity:

Inclusion reminders

Our applicant tracking system  provides hiring managers guidance, throughout the candidate journey,  highlighting the importance of a fair and consistent selection process.

People Leader training

Our guidance for recruitment covers topics around subconscious bias, gender equity and the importance of diversity.  

Gender balanced candidate shortlisting

An ongoing commitment to create candidate pools of balanced gender split when recruiting for all roles.

Job adverts

We ensure the language used in our role profiles and adverts is gender-neutral and free from implicit bias.

Salary benchmarking

During our salary review process, gender is one of the factors we look at to ensure consistency and equality across roles of the same type and level.

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The government’s mandatory gender pay gap reporting requirement is the disclosure of four prescribed statistics:

  1. Mean and median gender pay gap
  2. Mean and median bonus gap
  3. Proportion of women and men receiving a bonus
  4. Proportion of women and men by quartile pay band