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4 July 2024


3 steps advisers can take to close the gender pensions gap

Julia Peake

Women have to work an extra 19 years, on average, to retire with the same pension savings as men. To close the gap, a girl would need to start saving into a pension at the age of 3, according to NOW…

25 June 2024

Practice development

Bridging the advice gap: the role of financial education in schools

Jonny Letham

Working in the financial services profession, we’ll all be acutely aware of the growing demand for quality advice as more financial responsibility shifts to the individual. This shift, coupled with…

24 June 2024


4 disconnects between advisers and their female clients

Gillian Hepburn

Recent research conducted by Schroders and Ad Lucem* has identified four disconnects between advisers and their female clients. Additional research from the Centre for Economics and Business…

18 June 2024

Practice development

How money coaching helped an adviser to overcome his lifelong money blocks

Dennis Harhalakis

As an established and successful financial adviser, Graham was good with money – both his and his clients. He enjoyed helping clients meet their financial goals and made sure they were fully…

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